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An Example of a Complex Model

Our Mission

RCSE develops and promotes educational theory and research that takes a systematic approach to policy and practice.

Our purpose is to understand the complexities of the education system as a way to:

  • examine system factors that support or impede implementation, sustainability of innovative practices and ultimately, long-term reform;
  • empower local practitioners, policy actors and researchers; and
  • conceptualize research and policy that strategically addresses components and stakeholders across many levels of the system for greater impact.


Recent Presentations/Events

Presentation at Cyber Social Learning Systems Workshop Series (Convened by the Computing Community Consortium):


Presentation at INFORMS 2016 Annual Meeting:

Join us!

We hope to catalyze a network of education researchers who use complex models of the educational system, casting a fresh light on challenges of education. If you are interested in joining the RCSE network, email us.

Learn more about the purpose and goals of this project by visiting our About Page.

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